Government Agency Conducts Government Funded Study, Says More Government is Needed to Fix Problem Caused by Government

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um I’m not American I’m from new york

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"When citizens are obligated to pay perpetual sums of money to avoid the seizure of their rightly-owned property, they can never consider themselves anything greater than tenants on land controlled by the government."
Michigan county seizes home after one missed tax bill; makes $80K profit | Police State USA (via paleolibertarian)

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"Market anarchists, like all anarchists, start from the assumption of ordinary people encountering each other as equals, and deciding without coercion how best to work together to meet their mutual needs. This may be by exchanging the products of their labor, by producing cooperatively or by sharing. The main thing, as anarchist David Graeber has argued, is that whatever forms of organization emerge will do so through an open-ended process of interaction among equals, in which no party can call on armed force to compel others to obey their will."
The Role of Commons in a Free Market (via amerikanskan)

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"There are many who say ‘I believe in freedom, I believe in liberty—as long as you don’t do stupid things or do things I consider immoral.’ … But it’s not up to the government or you as a neighbor to say… ‘well, we don’t like the way you use your liberty. Your lifestyle is not what we like; you go to a church that’s not a good church and it has crazy ideas and we wanna ban that church; and you read books that aren’t good books and we wanna ban those books; and you have a sexual lifestyle that we don’t endorse; and you put stuff into your body and into your lungs that we think are bad for you; and therefore we’re going to have the government make you a better person.’ …

Just because you allow somebody to have a lifestyle you disapprove of doesn’t mean you have to endorse it. A lot of people don’t quite understand that. They think legalizing freedom of choice is an endorsement of what people do. And there’s no reason in the world that this can’t bring people together. If you have people on the left and people on the right and they want liberty for something over here, and somebody wants liberty for this over here… why shouldn’t everybody come together for liberty to use it as they see fit?…

It’s so crucial that we realize that [economic liberty and personal liberty are] one unit… that liberty is liberty and it’s your life and you have a right to use it as you see fit."
Ron Paul, from his speech at LPAC on Sep. 20, 2014 (via laliberty)

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"I was disappointed in the vote in Scotland. … That would’ve been very exciting, but it’s still exciting that a lot of people around the world have been thinking about this. … The smaller the units of government the better, and self-determination should be respected. Just about a hundred years ago we had a president who thought that we should make the world safe for democracy. I think we should make the world safe for liberty, not democracy.

Woodrow Wilson drags us into [World War One] and one of his big pitches was self-determination… Then he gets in and participates in this redrawing of the lines in the Middle East that we’re still fighting over. And now of course there’s a challenge to the lines… they were artificial then, they’re artificial now, and they’re going to be redrawn because we live in a new age, in a positive way, a new age because things are changing. … People are saying enough is enough, we want to be on our own. …

So what’s wrong with an idea whose time has come, the idea that we have a foreign policy based on the Golden Rule and don’t do anything to anybody else that we wouldn’t want them to do to us?Wouldn’t that solve a lot of problems?”

… [The United States] helped start Hamas and then [it] said, ‘okay, I think you should have democratic elections’, and they did, but then [the U.S.] didn’t like who they elected so [the U.S.] decided to turn on them. So then they had an election in Lebanon, Hezbollah gets elected, and oh, [the U.S. doesn’t] like them, and on and on … How long did [the U.S.] support the dictator of Egypt? Tens of millions of dollars, then [the U.S. decides they] don’t like Mumbarak so [the U.S. kicks] him out, and [the U.S. says] ‘okay have an election’, so they elect somebody that belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, [the U.S. doesn’t] like them, so we’ve got to get rid of him and put in the military dictator again. When are we going to wake up as an American people and say it’s not working, it’s stupid, it doesn’t help us, it’s bankrupting us, and it puts us in more danger and [the U.S.] ought to quit?”

Do you think people around the world want to emulate [the U.S.] now? Because any time [the U.S. doesn’t] like anything they do, [the U.S.] send] sanctions to punish the people, and [it sends] bombs to kill a bunch of people, and then [the U.S. kicks] out the leaders [they] don’t like. And you don’t persuade people that way, you do it by setting a standard…It isn’t like you have to have a PhD in some fancy science to understand well, uh, don’t hurt people."
Ron Paul, from his speech at LPAC on Sep. 20, 2014 (via amphigoryglory)

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that time of year is approaching

scary lawn decorations

terrifying tv programs

people in costumes going door to door

election season

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